The End

Jonah Miller is a lousy prophet.

He has no idea when the world will end. He’s¬†accidentally picked up a little meth habit. And he’d rather tend to his snake collection than minister to the members of his family’s disintegrating doomsday cult.

But when his father dies, it’s left to 33-year-old Jonah to lead the Fold, a collection of outcasts, moochers and runaways inhabiting a shabby campground in the Virginia mountains. Isaiah, his father’s longtime lieutenant, is only too glad to help. Under Isaiah’s iron hand, the Flock begins again to work toward salvation — and its own destruction.

As Jonah comes to doubt his own divinity, everything begins to fall apart. The girl he should have married reappears. A sinister 10-year-old boy vanishes. And Jonah begins to suspect that the end truly is at hand.

THE END is the second novel from Melissa Scott Sinclair.